OLIA in collaboration with organic farmers and after strict controls produces extra virgin olive oil from organic farming.

    The careful harvest and the daily mill of olives give our bright golden green colour of olive oil and well-balanced spicy, fruity taste.

  • GOLD

    Olia Group is the first company in Greece that combine the liquid gold as characterized by Homer olive oil with real gold giving a unique tasting experience in a luxury packaging.

    This luxurius edition olive oil is made by hand using only the most cared for olives and 24-Karat gold flakes. Each drop of this luxurious olive oil will delight your palate and amplify your dishes.

    Olia Group Gold Edition is produced in a limited number.


    Olive oil OLIA stands out for its sweet, fruity flavor and bright, golden-green color.

    The excellent quality, is the result of a clean environment, the dry climate and the daily pressing nuts at low temperatures.